Bioshock Infinite Ending 'Like Nothing You've Experienced'

Published 7 years ago by Mike Channell

Infinite possibility

We don't do reviews here on Outside Xbox, but if we had to make an educated guess what Bioshock: Infinite is going to score out of ten elsewhere, we'd say it'll probably be a two-digit number. It's that impressive. So after three captivating hours spent exploring Columbia, we were bursting with questions for Creative Director Ken Levine and he graciously navigated through a minefield of potential spoilers to answer them.

It's a hefty interview, but Levine offers some fascinating insight. Watch on to find out a few tantalising details about that ending, how to tackle controversial issues in a videogame and how Levine and his team have improved on the already brilliant original game. Start making a big space in your calendar around the tail end of March.

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