DmC Devil May Cry: Key Locations Guide

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Find all the keys

Mastering a mission in DmC Devil May Cry means more than jogging from A to B and spanking all the demons along the way. To win a precious SS or SSS ranking, you also need to find collectibles: keys, secret doors and lost souls. Let us show you where to find all the hidden keys in the walkthrough videos above and below.

The 21 copper, argent, gold and ivory keys unlock the secret doors, behind which are secret side missions (timed combat and platforming challenges). Some keys are visible from the main path, others are tucked sneakily away or behind barriers you'll need Dante's Eryx or Aquila weapons to destroy.

Though you'll have to hop off the beaten track to pick up keys, adding seconds to the judgmental mission clock, the good news is collectibles stay collected - so on your next trip through that mission, the keys will be gone and your end-of-mission collectibles ranking will be assured. All the more reason to catch 'em all.

DmC Devil May Cry Key Locations Guide

DmC Mission 1 Key Locations (Found)

DmC Mission 2 Key Locations (Home Truths)

DmC Mission 3 Key Locations (Bloodline)

DmC Mission 4 Key Locations (Under Watch)

DmC Mission 5 Key Locations (Virility)

DmC Mission 6 Key Locations (Secret Ingredient)

DmC Mission 7 Key Locations (Overturn)

DmC Mission 8 Key Locations (Eyeless)

DmC Mission 9 Key Locations (Devil Inside)

DmC Mission 11 Key Locations (The Order)

DmC Mission 13 Key Locations (Devil's Dalliance)

DmC Mission 15 Key Locations (The Trade)

DmC Mission 16 Key Locations (The Plan)

DmC Mission 17 Key Locations (Furnace of Souls)

DmC Mission 18 Key Locations (Demon's Den)

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