Fighter Within on Xbox One, Now With 60% Less Flailing

Published 8 months ago by Mike Channell

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Fighters Uncaged on the original Kinect was utter toss. Its noble attempts to interpret your arm waving as precise fighting moves fell flat. After a catastrophic showing at Gamescom, we were convinced that Xbox One semi-sequel Fighter Within was heading in the same malcoordinated direction. We've now played a near-final version of Fighter Within on Xbox One, so what's the verdict?

The verdict is it's a dramatic improvement on the Gamescom version. The game is far more responsive than it was in August, presumably as much a result of Microsoft's refinement of Kinect 2.0 as anything else. Punches feel almost instantaneous and even slower or more complex gestures like uppercuts and roundhouse kicks land reliably, if a moment after you've finished the movement.

More importantly, it's robust enough that you can start deploying tactics during fights, rather than just trying to be the first to wear your opponent's face clean off with your fists. There's a sort of rock-paper-scissors dynamic to the blocking and throwing mechanic, which rewards a little patience.

Still, bear in mind this isn't Street Fighter. There's a fraction of the depth of a 'proper' fighting game, which is why we hope Ubisoft isn't planning on charging full price for what is, at heart, a party game. As one of the first straight Kinect 2.0 games available though, it says encouraging things about the responsiveness of the device that's being foisted upon every Xbox One owner.

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