Far Cry 4: Elephant vs Stealth vs Helicopter in the Return of Far Cryathlon

Published 3 years ago by Andy Farrant

Pachyderm, pack it in, let me begin

Sporting event Far Cryathlon returns for Far Cry 4 with a fortress liberation challenge: each contestant is assigned a liberation method and the quickest to liberate the Ratu Gadhi fortress is the winner. Expect mortars, elephant rampages and many, many explosions in this Far Cry 4 gameplay.

The fortresses of Far Cry 4 are the bigger brothers of the pokier outpost settlements. They are better guarded, have three alarm posts compared to the outpost's single alarm, and are home to much greater firepower, such as mounted gun turrets and formidable mortar emplacements.

As an animal lover, Jane decided her best bet for a fast liberation was to harness the destructive power of elephants, using them to smash down the front door like leathery bulldozers and create stampy chaos inside.

My approach was swift and stealthy, picking off guards with silenced sniper shots and disabling the alarms to prevent reinforcements showing up. A more time-consuming approach, but could the lack of reinforcements make up for it?

Finally and true to form, Mike chose the noisiest and most destructive approach, using a rickety helicopter, grenade launcher and wild disregard for his own safety to rain down death from above. The constant dying may put a dent in his overall time.

Who wins round one of the Far Cry 4 Far Cryathlon? Watch and find out. For more on the game, discover the 5 Little Details We Love in Far Cry 4.

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