9 Other Dignity-Free Ways to Win at Games: Commenter Edition

Published 2 years ago by Jane Douglas

No dignity, no doubt

We recently shared some sneaky tricks that give you the edge over your enemies at the bargain price of your self-respect, which we weren't even using anyway. Then we asked you to confess the undignified stuff you've done to squeak out a win. So you did.

The various ways Outside Xbox commenters have sacrificed their dignity in the name of winning at all costs include hiding from Borderlands 2 megaboss The Warrior, kiting Dragon Age 2's Arishok in a classy figure of eight, and spamming Jacqui Briggs' auto-cannon in Mortal Kombat X.

Other easy ways out of difficult situations include pausing Skyrim mid-fight to eat a dozen wheels of cheese and exploiting Halo 4's co-op spawn system. Creatively exploiting a game's systems is part of playing that game, is what we tell ourselves. Thanks for sharing, folks! There's no judgement here.

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