8 Alternate Costumes with Serious Explaining to Do

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Bearly dressed

Game heroes spend a lot of time wearing the one same outfit. Occasionally they want to express themselves by wearing something a bit different. That goes some, but not nearly all, of the way to explaining these baffling alternate costumes.

Take Chris Redfield's saucy sailor costume in Resident Evil Revelations. From the short shorts to the midriff shirt, to the anchor tattoo, to the gloves, this reads as naval-themed strippergram more than tactical operations at sea. Also, what's with the pipe? Is that a Popeye thing?

Then there's the cheerleader outfit into which someone stuffed Killer Instinct human-velociraptor hybrid Riptor, presumably before being disembowelled. This is nearly as eyecatching as the live octopus sat on the head of Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Anna, who is otherwise stark naked. Are they working together? Does she know he's up there?

Least explicable of all is Kratos' Dairy Bastard costume: a mascot-like cow suit with milk jugs to replace the blades of chaos and prominent udders. I don't know either.

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