8 Love Interests Who Died Before You Could Properly Smooch Them

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Kiss me deadly

Don't you just hate it when there's someone you like, and you're going to make a move, but then they get human sacrificed, or executed by firing squad, or turned into a fancy ghost, before you get the chance to properly smooch them. Consider these poignant pairings even less requited than Dom and Marcus.

We wouldn't be able to do a list like this without including Aeris from Final Fantasy VII, mainly because the comments section would be an absolute nightmare.

Yes, plenty of people who played FF7 spent their time trying to cozy up to feisty freedom fighter Tifa, but there are others who fell for sensitive, curious flower girl Aeris.

Unfortunately as you're no doubt aware now, but we totally weren't at the time, Aeris meets an untimely end mid-way through the game, long before she and Cloud get past the awkward small talk phase. Nearly 20 years and we're still not over it.

Then there's Carley from the first episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead, who proves to be a smart, capable addition to your rag-tag band of survivors after you pick her over Doug in the first episode.

Sadly, just as things seem to be blossoming between Carley and Lee, fellow survivor Lily domes her during an argument and that's that. We'll never know if things could have been different if we'd picked Doug instead, because literally no one in the whole world picked Doug instead. Not even Doug.

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