Show of the Week: Dead Rising 4 and 5 Worst Malls to Do Your Xmas Shopping At

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Buyer beware

It's no mean feat, finding the perfect presents for your friends and family, and though in the Willamette Memorial Mall of Dead Rising 4 you won't have to elbow a dozen angry parents in the face for the last Hatchimal, you will have to turn several thousand zombies into zombie chum if you want to complete your Christmas shopping. Yet that only ranks it among the worst of the videogame malls in which to get your gift list checked off.

Left 4 Dead 2's Liberty Mall, for instance, is another crushing critique of consumerism, in that it also populates a shopping mall with hordes of hungry zombies. Just you try deciding whether to get grandma the Game of Thrones box set or Skyrim Special Edition while there's a witch nibbling on your face.

The Concourse on Dead Space 2's Titan space station is plagued by yet more zombie variants, though at least here you can buy futuristic candy and levitating beds. Now that is progress, 26th Century-style.

State of Emergency's Capital City Mall, on the other hand, proves that humans were the Real Monsters All Along, because here you've got to evade the murderous mall security types trying to crush your Christmas spirit with nightsticks. We only popped in to pick up bath bombs and slipper socks, jeez.

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