Hitman's Final Elusive Target Has Silly Name, Face Tattoos

Published 2 years ago by Andy Farrant

Marrakech me if you can

The Entertainer is Hitman's 26th Elusive Target, and the final Elusive Target of the game's first season: a man who goes by the name "Mr. Giggles" but is much less jolly than that makes him sound. He's the face-tattooed ringmaster of an underground circus that features dogfights, bare-knuckle fighting and, if we don't do something to stop him, pandas apparently eating each other. Hit the jump to watch us track him down in the busy Marrakech night market and steal his nefarious client list in this Hitman gameplay.

The main problem with this Elusive Target is finding him. Even though the night version of Hitman's Marrakech map is smaller than its daytime equivalent, it is still full of people going about their business, turning the search into a kind of deadly game of Where's Wally.

Diana also informs us that the client list is not on the target, so even if we do manage to locate and eliminate Mr Giggles, our job is only half done. At least 47 gets a break after this one, as developer IO Interactive prepare for the game's second season. Enjoy your vacation, 47. You've earned it.

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