Show of the Week: Hitman and 5 Scary Clowns Less Sinister Than Agent 47

Published 20 days ago by Andy Farrant

Jester minute

Hitman's Game of the Year edition brings with it new weapons, new missions and, to Mike's delight, new outfits that include a ridiculously sinister clown suit. Join as as we chat Hitman,then examine videogames' most sinister clowns who are still somehow not as scary as Agent 47 in a bright red wig.

Though these other videogame clowns aren't as bad as 47, they definitely helped contribute to the urge we get to run a mile whenever we see a red nose.

Needles 'Sweet Tooth' Kane from Twisted Metal, for example, won't be winning any clown of the year awards, on account of being a serial murderer who drives an ice cream truck and is hell bent on murdering his own daughter.

Beppi the Clown, meanwhile, a boss from Cuphead's carnival-themed level, might just as easily have come from the Stephen King-themed level, so sinister is he. Brr.

Hitman Game of the Year Edition is out now.

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