The Walking Dead: What We've Learned

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

10 crucial tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse

I have never fired a gun, hunted for food or tied a tourniquet. I put someone in the recovery position in 1998 but that expertise, like the first aid badge it got me, is lost to the ages. My zombie apocalypse, therefore, will be less a power fantasy come to life and more like that of The Walking Dead's Lee Everett. And he can do CPR.

Lee spends his post-apocalyptic days bickering and starving, occasionally fumbling amputations and discovering Humans Are the Real Monsters. He is only rarely required to kill an undead nasty and, when he does, it's a clumsy, harrowing business. It makes The Walking Dead a wonderfully grim antidote to video game zombie fatigue.

As a reality check for jaded zombie killers, the first two episodes suggest some sensible tips for your long-term survival among the undead. Catch The Walking Dead's 10 crucial tips in the video above while you wait on Episode Three: Long Road Ahead, due in the next few weeks.

Warning: video may (does) contain spoilers.

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