Sleeping Dogs: Top Takedowns with Dan Sochan

Published 7 years ago by Andy Farrant

Five Ways to Kill Andy Farrant with a Chinese Restaurant

There's an amazing bit in the Tony Jaa movie Tom Yum Goong where Tony gets stabbed. Instead of bleeding everywhere then dying, Tony goes absolutely mental and breaks all the limbs of everyone in the room. It goes on for ages. It sounds like a man alternating between shouting and noisily eating a bag of crisps.

That's what every fight in Sleeping Dogs is like. The combat owes a great deal to Rocksteady's Arkham games, but where it has those games beat is in its consistently fun, inventive and breathtakingly horrible contextual takedowns.

With this in mind, I popped along to interview the game's developer, Dan Sochan, aware that he must know hundreds of ways to contextually smash my face in at any given moment. Then I asked him what those ways were. Check the video to see five of them.

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