Show of the Week: Sleeping Dogs

Published 5 years ago by Andy Farrant

Wei of the Exploding Fist

Welcome to our first Show of the Week! Each Friday we pick a game of the week to talk about, and in our inaugural episode that spectacular honour goes to Square Enix's open-world Triad-em-up, Sleeping Dogs.

We also share your comments, some exciting Halo 4 news, our favourite open-world game cities and an unfinished studio full of dangerous contextual takedown opportunities.

Will Mike resist the urge to kick Andy into some lights? Will Jane find the perfect picture of a sleeping puppy? Under what possible circumstances did Snoop Dogg became a policeman? There's only one way to find out (watch the video, okay).

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Andy Farrant
Andy is co-editor at Outside Xbox, enjoys difficult moral decisions and fights like a cow. You might remember him from such defunct Xbox video channels as Inside Xbox.

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