Sleeping Dogs DLC: Nightmare in North Point

Published 5 years ago by Andy Farrant

Hoppy Hallowe'en

We loved Sleeping Dogs, despite all the terrible things the producer threatened to do to us, so we were already excited about the prospect of some story-based downloadable content. When we found out Nightmare in North Point is a horror-themed slice of DLC based on scary old Hong Kong movies that includes hopping vampires and supernatural cat men, well, it was the eerie icing on the spooky cake.

The best thing about it is how in their stride everyone takes all the ghosts and vampires. "Welp," says Old Salty Crab, "you'll need Chinese magic to defeat him," as a demonic Yaoguai trashes the Golden Koi restaurant. For this, and loads more people being unfazed by supernatural monsters before punching them in the head, hit play above to check out our gameplay-heavy preview. Oh, and minor spoilers ahead for the main campaign.

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