Spoiling Point: Assassin's Creed III Ending Explained

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

That syncing feeling

So Assassin's Creed has been out for a few days, depending on your location, and no doubt some of you will already have blitzed through the storyline and seen the ending. With five games' worth of lore to take on board, you'd be forgiven for being a bit lost, so here's our explanation of what's going on and our predictions for where the next Assassin's game will take us.

Please keep spoilers out of the comments thread, or at least out of the first 50 or so words, just because they appear down the side of the main Outside Xbox page, but feel free to let us know whether you were satisfied with the denouement of the Assassin's Creed trilogy and the game in general.

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