Our 5 Most Wanted Minecraft Texture Packs

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Our 5 Most Wanted Minecraft Texture Packs

Brave new worlds

4J Studios, the developer behind Minecraft on Xbox 360, has tweeted that texture pack support is on the way. Texture packs will bring alternative looks for the bricks and mortar (and grass and cobblestone) of Minecraft's simple, blocky landscapes, replacing default textures with whatever 4J has in mind.

PC players have been creating and downloading texture packs for ages and for nothing, but it's unlikely the Xbox 360 packs will be likewise free, given all the paid-for Minecraft skin packs already available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Such is the life of an Xbox Minecrafter. That said, we'd be willing to part with a few pennies for the following texture packs.

1. Fez

Xbox Live Arcade's indie darling Fez is a great fit for Minecraft on the Xbox, not least because their worlds are both made of cubes - albeit viewed one side at a time, in the case of Fez. There's already a cheery Fez texture pack for the PC (pictured below), though a paid-for Xbox equivalent would need official approval. Not impossible, given the developer collaborations on some of the Minecraft character skin packs. For absolute perfection, this texture pack would also add a blippy, chiptune-inspired soundtrack in the style of Fez (please).

2. Spelunky

Indie caving adventure Spelunky is an even better fit, thematically speaking. Granted there'd be more source material to inspire underground textures than overground ones, but we'd shell out for the subterranean experience alone and never look back, abandoning the topside world for glorious retro caverns. Some PC Minecrafters have already had a bash at this.

3. Jolicraft

One of Minecraft's most popular texture packs, Jolicraft adds a rustic, artsy prettiness to Minecraft worlds, as well as original paintings and even spookier-looking enemies. If 4J could work something out with illustrator Andre Jolicoeur, creator of Jolicraft, we'd be delighted.

4. Skyrim

The sumptuous Skyrim Reloaded (pictured) gives a touch of Nordic medieval fantasy to Mojang's mighty block builder, with some recognisable weapon reskins. It's an HD texture pack, so it needs a bit of extra fiddling to get working on the PC. We don't yet know if 4J is preparing for upped resolutions in its texture pack support on the Xbox - you'd suspect not, but that doesn't stop us dreaming.

5. LB Photo Realism

The creator of the LB Photo Realism texture pack set out to reskin Minecraft into absolute lifelikeness - but for, you know, everything being made of metre-high cubes. Via that herculean effort and a bundle of borrowed mods, this pack adds eye-widening good looks and unexpected fiddly bits, such as cave stalagmites. Even less plausible than a Skyrim retexturing, but no less yearned for.

Enough of our wishful thinking. What's your most wanted texture pack for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition?

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