6 Xbox Live Bargains to Bag Now

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

6 Xbox Live Bargains to Bag Now

Black Friday and holiday offers

'Black Friday' has always had a sinister sound to us as not-Americans. We believe it's to do with big sales and occasional, alarming tramplings. And though the arcane origin of the name is lost in the mists of US shopping history, the important thing is this: the Xbox Live Marketplace's Black Friday Deals are equally valid on both sides of the Atlantic.

The full lists of Black Friday Deals (available today) and Holiday Offers (available until Monday) are on Major Nelson's blog, but here are our six biggest bargains:

1. Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge

Jane says: Revisit Rocksteady's brilliant prison sandbox for 400 points (until the end of the day) in Harley Quinn's Revenge, a downloadable epilogue in which two-tone lady lackey Harley Quinn has struck out on her own, finally, for revenge against the Batman.

2. Daytona USA

Mike says: For less money than you've probably already pumped into Daytona USA arcade machines (400 points) you can have what is arguably the greatest arcade racing game of all time on your Xbox 360. Daytona USA actually one of the few retro conversions that turns out better than you remember it, with buffed-up visuals and full Xbox Live multiplayer. Oh and there's a karaoke mode, so you can sing along to that classic theme. Available until Monday.

3. Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

Jane says: If you're hungry for more tales from the Mass Effect universe, pick up Mass Effect 3 story DLC Leviathan for half price (400 points) for today only. Couple that with the (full-priced) four-hour Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC out next Tuesday, and you'll have an enormous slice of Mass Effect 3 to devour, just in time for your (my) second playthrough this festive season.

4. Dead Island (Games on Demand)

Jane says: You can download zombie hack 'em up Dead Island for £15 (or $20) until Monday. Worth a punt for the gleeful co-op and tropical resort slaughter in the first act, even if the last few hours drag like a zombie's all-but-severed leg.

5. Spelunky

Mike says: One of the most hopelessly addictive platformers on the Xbox 360, Spelunky completely strips you of your ability to learn its levels by shuffling them around like a wily street magician every time you die. At first you'll be consumed with rage, until you work out the timings of enemies, traps and weapons. By that point you'll have developed Stockholm Syndrome and will be physically unable to put down the controller. Available until Monday for 600 points.

6. Quantum Conundrum

Mike says: This puzzler from one of the minds behind Portal, Kim Swift, was a bit of a stretch at 1200 points. Now Quantum Conundrum been temporarily downgraded to the pocket change price of 600 points, it's definitely worth a look, if only for the fact it allows you to travel to the fluffy dimension. That's the fluffy dimension and categorically not the furry dimension, which is a whole other thing. Discount available today only.

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