Let's Play: Midway Arcade Origins

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

Getting our buzz on

Remember the good old days? When arcades existed? Midway used to churn out some of the greatest, most exciting arcade games around and they've recently been bundled together in Arcade Origins, a budget release on Xbox 360. There are a few tweaks to allow for Xbox Live play and leaderboards, but otherwise they're just as they always were. Our plan? Play through as many as we can in half an hour, buzzing out when we're bored with each title.

We've even brought arcade sticks along for added authenticity. All that's missing is a sticky carpet, a bored parent and the sound of bowling pins being clattered in the background. Which game will last the longest? There's an easy way to find out.

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Mike Channell
Mike is co-editor at Outside Xbox. His favourite thing about making videos is adding unnecessary special effects. He has heard all of your 'channel' jokes.

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