Let's Play: Hitman Absolution Contracts Mode Part I

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

Contract something nasty

People might have grumbled that Hitman: Absolution's levels are smaller and more linear this time around, but it seems the series' classic spirit of improvisation is alive in Contracts Mode, the game's offering for more social sociopaths. In the first of our two part Contracts Mode playthrough, concluded tomorrow, Mike creates a hit for Andy on the game's train station level.

If you've wondered how Hitman's interesting 'play to create' editor works or just how much flexibility Contracts Mode offers, this video should answer both of those questions. As a bonus, entirely free to our loyal viewers, it'll also answer the question of whether a man can remain incognito wearing nothing but a motel dressing gown. To see what Andy cooks up as a return challenge for Mike, check back tomorrow.

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