Far Cry 3: Find McLovin on Rook Island

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Say hi to the internet

Actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, widely known as Superbad's McLovin, makes for a grim easter egg in Far Cry 3. He's also the object of its cryptic Say Hi to the Internet achievement, worth 10g, which requires you to "find the lost Hollywood star". You can find him on the beach, northwest of Broken Neck Home outpost, as shown in the video guide above.

If you stumbled upon him without having seen the tie-in Far Cry Experience video series, though, the significance of this transmedia easter egg would go tragically unappreciated. Not least because Mintz-Plasse's model looks nothing like him.

The opposite is true for actor Michael Mando, who also appears in the live action Far Cry Experience videos. They are especially worth a watch for marvelling at how the game reproduces Mando's likeness and mannerisms as loopy pirate leader Vaas. That's some extraordinary performance capture at work.

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