Skyrimstagram: The Elder Scrolls Go Hipster

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

Skyrimstagram: The Elder Scrolls Go Hipster

Northern exposure

On Friday, Show of the Week introduced the hottest new social network around: Skyrimstagram. If you want to take the stunning graphics of Skyrim, compress them into tiny, low resolution images and plaster them with orangey yellow filters, this is the app for you.

Here are some examples we've made to inspire you. Why not share an idealised vision of what your life as Dovhkiin is like? All endless summer afternoons and coffee with friends. No mention at all of wrestling putrid Draugr deep in the bowels of some frozen dungeon, fleeing across the landscape pursued by a giant slavering spider or picking the teeth out of your ironic beard as you smash yet another skeleton to pieces.

If you're handy with image-editing tools (or just fancy taking photos of your TV and running them through that very similar-sounding app, Instagram), get involved by posting your own Skyrimstagram shots on our Facebook page or even tweeting them at us.

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