VGAs 2012: Top 8 Xbox Highlights

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

VGAs 2012: Top 8 Xbox Highlights

Dark Souls 2! Metal Gear Solid V?

The VGAs 2012 have been and gone, like a spangly whirlwind of game plaudits and celebrity walk-ons, leaving in its wake a trail of news snippets and glimpses of upcoming games.

Catch the best of the bunch below, including the announcement of Dark Souls 2 and the game that might be Metal Gear Solid V (pictured). You can also watch the awards in full on Xbox Live this weekend.

8. South Park: The Stick of Truth gets a new trailer

In which Obsidian's South Park RPG takes a twirl and shows us the new kid. Look for the game on Xbox 360 (as well as PC and PS3) in "early fiscal 2014" - meaning late spring 2013.

7. Halo 4: Spartan Ops restarts in January

Halo 4's new-fangled episodic co-operative campaign is pausing its first season, five episodes in, next week. But worry not, Spartans: the final five weekly episodes will kick off again from January 21.

6. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 reappears

The VGAs 2012 hosted a fresh look at Lords of Shadow 2, the sequel to MercurySteams's underrated Castlevania reboot. See for yourself over on

5. Tomb Raider trailer busts out the combat

There are some familiar sights in the VGAs' new Tomb Raider trailer, but it's well worth a watch to also get a better look at the fighty elements, as outlined in our recent preview.

4. The Phantom Pain appears, might be Metal Gear Solid V

The most mysterious reveal of the evening was that of an announcement trailer for seeming horror game The Phantom Pain. Do the clues point to Metal Gear Solid V by another name, or is it wishful thinking? Click through for Eurogamer's breakdown of the evidence, plus the trailer itself. The developer, an outfit named Moby Dick, gives PS3 and Xbox 360 as the platforms on which it is working.

3. Dark Souls 2 gets announced

The VGAs 2012 brought the news that last year's viciously hard action RPG Dark Souls has a follow-up in the works. Dark Souls 2, which features a new protagonist, was officially announced at the show - check the official teaser site for a flavour of what's to come.

2. BioShock Infinite reveals new gameplay footage

Sumptuous steampunk shooter Bioshock Infinite continues to tantalise, this time with exciting new gameplay footage - partly from protagonist Booker DeWitt's first encounter with leading lady Elizbeth, partly from a battle with a robotic Handyman.

1. The Walking Dead wins Best Game

Amidst the trailers and announcements, the VGAs dispensed some prizes. The standout winner was Telltale's episodic The Walking Dead adventure, which took not only Best Downloadable Game and Best Adapted Game but overall Game of the Year - plus a Studio of the Year gong for Telltale. Along with those, an award went to voice actor Melissa Hutchison for her heartbreaking performance as Clementine. That's a mighty pile of prizes to an unlikely but deserving nominee, picked from far outside the usual blockbuster line-up.

For the rest of the award winners, reveals and dubious celebrity turns, you can still catch the VGAs 2012 on Xbox Live this weekend.

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