The Cave: Hillbilly Carnival Hands-On

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

All the fun of the fair

This isn't the first time we've played Ron Gilbert's charming adventure game The Cave - the game was on the show floor at the Eurogamer Expo, and we offered some early impressions from there. Now we've spent some more time with it, we're starting to get our head around what appears to be a truly unique co-op experience. Join us as we deliver our hands-on verdict of one of the game's character-specific areas, the Hillbilly's Carnival.

Struggling as we were to categorise the game, one thing's for sure. If you've any love for point-and-click adventures, you'll find the same gentle pacing, whimsical tone and rewarding puzzles but applied to the mechanics of a 2D platformer. Better yet, if you considered those point-and-click games co-operative experiences, with you and friends gathering around one screen to solve puzzles, be sure to also check out Andy's interview with Ron Gilbert to find out why The Cave is designed for you.

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