DmC Devil May Cry: More Vergil, New Gameplay

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

For the twin

DmC: Devil May Cry imagines Dante as less of a demon-hunting Japanese pop idol, more of a swaggering hobo punk. If you still haven't warmed to him, that's understandable. He's a selfish urchin - at least in the first few hours of Ninja Theory's reboot. It's all on the way to discovering his true heroic self, we expect.

Dante's twin brother Vergil, however, could appease mistrustful Devil May Cry fans. The still-blond twin appears early on as the leader of an order trying to overthrow the demonic conspiracy controlling the world of mortals. His makeover by Ninja Theory is less provocative and he's generally less of a sneering, half-demon jerk - again, at least in the first few hours.

He's not playable in the main game, though Capcom has revealed he will be playable in a chapter of downloadable content named Vergil's Downfall, due out in "early 2013". The game itself is out on January 15. Hit play on the video above for a better look at Vergil and for gameplay with Dante in action with his Osiris and Arbiter weapons. Some minor spoilers ahead.

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