New Sleeping Dogs Story DLC - The Zodiac Tournament

Published 5 years ago by Andy Farrant

Martial lore

Where Sleeping Dogs' last DLC, Nightmare in North Point, plumbed the depths of Hong Kong horror for its source material, the next piece of story-based DLC for Square Enix's open world action game takes its inspiration from Bruce Lee's classic Enter the Dragon, right down to the shaky 70s camerawork and funktastic soundtrack.

Centring around a martial arts tournament on a secret island fortress, The Zodiac Tournament sees Wei battling the world's best martial artists while dealing with the treacherous Tournament Chairman, who is a big fan of diabolical traps, moving spiked ceilings and Bond villain outfits. It's a loving homage to the slightly ropey kung fu films of the 1970s that really needs to be seen to be appreciated, so check out the video for brand new HD gameplay from the DLC.

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