Show of the Week: 2012 Retrospective

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

Annual play review

We're not done for the year, far from it, but as we approach Christmas we wave goodbye. Not just to 2012 but the last holiday season where Xbox 360 will be our primary platform of choice. This time next year, we'll be 'jacked in' to the next Xbox and 'surfing' the new version of Xbox Live. So futuristic! But let's take a moment pre-Christmas to look back at the year that was.

How many threequels did you play? How many tough moral decisions did you breeze through? How many chumps did you school on Xbox Live? We've crunched the big numbers for you to make them easier to digest. We hope you've had a happy gaming 2012 and remember, information is beautiful and so are you.

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Mike Channell
Mike is co-editor at Outside Xbox. His favourite thing about making videos is adding unnecessary special effects. He has heard all of your 'channel' jokes.

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