Minecraft Update Arrives Tomorrow With Babies

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Minecraft Update Arrives Tomorrow With Babies

Nether fortresses! Potions! Baby animals!

There's a new Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition update out tomorrow, Wednesday 19 December. The catchily titled TU7 Update adds adorable baby animals, potion brewing and experience points to the XBLA game, among other exciting things.

In the free update you'll get the ability to enchant items, the mushroom biome and nether fortresses. Snow golems also turn up just in time for Christmas. These are buildable friendly mobs you can construct from two snow blocks and a pumpkin. But wait, there's more: the TU7 update brings NPC villagers to populate the villages added by update 1.8.2 a couple of months back.

Nether fortresses are large explorable structures found in the hellish Nether, full of lava wells and the new nether wart plants, which are valuable for brewing up the game's handy new potions. The mushroom biome is a rare fungi-friendly type of terrain, where you'll also find the new Mooshroom animals - a horrifying kind of cow-mushroom hybrid.

Other Minecraft critters will be breedable with the TU7 update. Doe-eyed miniature versions of your favourite Minecraft creatures are made by feeding mummy and daddy mob the right food* to make them kiss. Such is Minecraft's understanding of the reproductive process. The new experience points system lets you earn points for killing things, mining, breeding and using furnaces, with that experience required for creating enchanted weapons, armour and tools.

We'll be doing as much of the above as possible as soon as the update lands, so come on back for hot animal husbandry video action, probably. All the new items, enemies and details of an upcoming festive skin pack (pictured) are outlined at playxbla.com.

*A Nando's half chicken, if our dating experience is anything to go by.

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