Kinect Party Free Until 2013

Published 5 years ago by Andy Farrant

Wahey of the dragon

Xbox are feeling in a festive mood at the moment, offering Double Fine's Kinect Party for free until the new year. It's a collection of Kinect-based minigames that range from virtual dressing-up boxes to shooting and platforming challenges, by way of dubstep breakdowns and dragon destruction.

It acts as a kind of extension to Double Fine's previous Kinect minigame collection Happy Action Theater, although you don't need the original game to play Kinect Party, just a Kinect, some friends and six to eight feet of space (recommended). Oh, and limbs. And a head. And to be alive. So, if you want to a brief taster of what to expect from Kinect Party, check us out in action in the video above.

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