Fez Half Price in Xbox Deal of the Day

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Fez Half Price in Xbox Deal of the Day

Trine 2, too

Fez is half price in today's festive Deal of the Day on Xbox Live Arcade. If you didn't catch the superlative platform-puzzler already, there's no excuse for not grabbing it today for 400 Microsoft points.

If you already own Fez, consider picking up the fantasy puzzle-platformer Trine 2, also going for a 400-point song. The rest of today's seasonal sale includes discounts on Rayman Origins (now £19.99 or $9.99), Mark of the Ninja (600 Microsoft points) and Sonic Adventure 2 (400 Microsoft points).

You can find all the games in Xbox's daily deals on the official site, and if you have a Kinect or think Santa has stashed one under your tree, don't forget to download Double Fine's hilarious Kinect Party for free. Did you see it turn us into dubstep robots?

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