Let's Play: Forza Horizon Rally DLC

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

A mucky escape

Forza Horizon's first DLC is based on rally racing. Rally might seem like a bizarre choice for a festival-set, open-world racing game but it makes sense for two very important reasons. One, the main Forza series has never addressed offroad racing before, and not having rally is a huge blind spot if you're trying to be the world's most comprehensive racing sim. Two, the guys who founded Playground Games cut their teeth on the massively successful Colin McRae and DiRT series, so naturally they know a thing or two about making sideways cars fun.

How does this DLC work and what does it offer? We take a lightly abridged tour through the first few events and do our very best not to wrap our expensive new DLC vehicles around the nearest Russian Pine. If you can't get enough Forza, check out our Show of the Week based on the game.

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