Far Cryathlon: Far Cry 3 Challenges with Outside Xbox

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Let the games begin

Outside Xbox is proud to present the Far Cryathlon: a trio of Far Cry 3 challenges to test our mettle as electronic sportspersons. In the spectacular first event, the hang glider crash (above), Team OX must fly Dr Earnhardt's hang glider onto or into a distant radio tower. The trick is in the timing of the tactical bailout. Highest and least deadly landing wins.

Event the second is the animals-only outpost capture. Cryathletes must capture Mosquito Yard pirate outpost with no weapons, only wildlife. Mike's controversial use of a flare gun in the final minute was ruled legal by stewards. Points are awarded for speediest and most stylish capture.

Finally, in the vehicular long jump, Team OX must launch a jet ski off a Badtown waterfall. My late exchange of the Cryathlon-approved jumping vehicle for a white jet ski was also ruled as legit by the perpetually laid-back stewards. Farthest landing takes the gold.

If you have an event for inclusion, submit it to the Cryathlon Committee (comments section) below and join us in the Far Cryathlon - not a feature in which we worked backwards from a punny name, but a grand new tradition of excellence and personal betterment. See you on the field!

(Show of the Week is currently sunning itself on holiday and will be back next week.)

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