Dead Space 3 Trailer Touts Voice Commands

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Better with Kinect?

Dead Space 3 hails its Kinect voice commands in a new trailer, embedded above. In it, Visceral Games' Steve Papoutsis calls Dead Space 3 the first ever game with co-op Kinect voice recognition. Then he gives us his best Australian and Boston accents by way of praising his game's fluency in international drawls and twangs.

The co-op voice commands listed in the trailer are "use stasis", "quick heal", "find objective", "find partner", "revive partner", "reload weapon" and "switch weapon". In addition, you can catch a self-conscious Kevin from Best Buy telling Kinect to "give partner ammo".

Papoutsis says with these voice commands "you don't have to fumble around with the controls, you just do what you normally do". Which is funny, because fumbling around with the controls is what I normally do when facing down a posse of necromorphs. Though if recognition is fast and accurate, I can imagine "quick heal" saving me in a pinch. If it also recognises my usual "HEAL HEAL OH GOD HEAL", I'll be golden.

For more on Dead Space 3, see how the co-op's asymmetric insanity works and get all the details from executive producer Steve Papoutsis.

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