Black Ops 2 DLC Adds New Zombies Mode 'Turned'

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

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Black Ops 2's Revolution map pack is coming on January 29, confirms the official trailer. It brings a new co-op Zombies map, Die Rise, and for the first time adds a new Zombies mode, Turned, in which you play as the undead horde against a single human survivor.

In it, you must kill the human survivor to take their place and respawn as the heroic last human standing. Watch the Revolution walkthrough trailer above for a glimpse of the Turned mode in action.

The Die Rise co-op map takes place in the crumbling skyscapers of a post-apocalyptic Chinese city, with maze-like corridors, surreal staircases and open elevator shafts. Then there are the multiplayer maps, four new international locations to tear up with your near-futuristic soldiering:

Downhill, set around a ski lodge in the French Alps, features long sight lines down the slopes and moving gondolas, deadliest of all the ski lifts. Stand in their path and they'll turn you into a red smear on the piste.

Hydro is set in a large hydroelectric dam in Pakistan. The map includes a working spillway that regularly floods, dousing unwary players to death.

Grind is set in a skate park on the Venice, California boardwalk. It's all curved surfaces, what with the half pipes and skate ramps, meant to draw players out of cover and into the melee.

Mirage is set in a luxury resort in the Gobi Desert, half-buried by a sandstorm.

In another first, the Revolution DLC adds a bonus weapon to your Black Ops 2 arsenal. It's the Peacekeeper SMG, a hybrid between a sub-machine gun and an assault rifle, according to Black Ops 2 online director Dan Bunting.

The official word on Black Ops 2's Revolution pack comes shortly after Amazon spilled some of the details in an accidental early listing.

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