Far Cryathlon: Far Cry 3 Ski Jump Challenge Finale

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

Soar point

If you were here last week you saw the clash of sporting titans that was the Far Cryathlon (as many rights reserved as we can get away with). Unfortunately, the final result was a draw, which even we amateur sports fans recognise is rubbish. So here's the deciding event on a custom-built 'ski jump' created in Far Cry's map editor, complete with deadly pits of tigers, sharks and exploding barrels. Who will triumph?

If this is all a bit fatuous for your liking, you can check out a more cerebral take on Far Cry 3 as we interview the game's lead writer about creating the game's antagonist Vaas. If it's not fatuous enough, watch our Far Cry 3-themed Show of the Week.

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