Let's Play: White Noise

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

Slim pickings

You might have heard of Slender, a PC game that dumps you in the middle of a dark forest and tasks you with collecting pages while being stalked by the 'Slenderman'. While we don't have Slender on Xbox 360, we do have indie horror game White Noise. As soon as we saw the request to turn the lights down and the volume up, we knew we had to do this properly.

Further evidence, then, that by virtue of the fact they put you inside the experience, games can be exceptionally creepy. Having switched the lights back on and changed our underwear, we'd argue White Noise shows you a little too much and leaves too few questions. Regardless, it has impressive production values and the ease with which it builds ribcage-constricting tension is truly remarkable. Definitely worth the 80MP it'll set you back.

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