Let's Play: Far Cry 3 Custom Maps

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

Going coastal

Having almost exhausted Far Cry 3's single-player mode for giggles, this week we've turned our attention to multiplayer - more specifically, the hundreds of custom maps built by Far Cry 3 fans in the game's map editor. In this video we raid the Bronze and Silver multiplayer playlists, which automatically download and rotate custom maps. There's some good stuff in there and some unutterable trash.

Far Cry 3's map editor is a bit of a strange one. In theory it's enormously powerful, allowing you to create detailed maps and fill them with scenery, animals and vehicles. It's when you come to share them online, though, the restrictions begin to kick in.

Those animals? You'll have to delete them if you want to share the map. Vehicles are allowed, but only in one game mode. And worst of all, you can't host a match on a custom map unless you published it and you host a private game.

If you'll excuse the pun, it really is a far cry from the second game in the series, which had a similarly brilliant editor, but allowed you to download maps and host public matches on anything you had on your hard drive. As a result, the game was fabulously unpredictable - making it tough to gain an advantage through knowledge of the map and fostering huge amounts of creativity.

Far Cry 3 could really do with blowing its restrictions open, because in its current form it makes development of the map editor a substantial wasted investment. This in turn will reduce the chances of its inclusion in a fourth game, which would be a real shame because no other high-profile shooter is doing this stuff.

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