Dead Space Without Isaac 'Would Be Possible'

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

'So many things to explore'

As Dead Space 3 approaches, associate producer Yara Khoury speaks on world-weary (space-weary?) protagonist Isaac, co-op space soldier John Carver and how the Dead Space universe doesn't begin and end with its engineer hero and his glowing faceplate.

On the subject of Dead Space without Isaac Clarke, Khoury says such a thing would be possible because the game universe is so rich: "There are so many things to explore that I could see the Dead Space universe go beyond Isaac. We've already built things and characters that are outside of just Isaac, so I could see the universe going beyond him.”

Do you yearn for Dead Space from another perspective? Or is Isaac Clarke the centre of your universe? Comments below, please. For more, catch new gameplay from the early hours of Dead Space 3, in which Isaac scraps with Necromorphs on a lunar colony.

The Dead Space 3 demo is also available for everyone from today. Queue up the 1.93GB download over at

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