Black Ops II Maps Grind, Hydro, Downhill, Mirage Revealed

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Viva la revolution

Today's the day for Revolution, Black Ops II's first map pack, and we've got gameplay videos from new maps Grind, Hydro, Downhill and Mirage, plus pro map tips from Treyarch's David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar.

1. Grind

Venice Beach boardwalk-set map Grind is a skate park with half pipes and ramps that push you away from the map walls. You can't wall-hug, says Vahn, which keeps players flowing freely. Hold the precious half pipe to dominate and control the map.

2. Downhill

The first snow level in Black Ops II, Downhill features deadly gondola ski lifts for moving cover - Treyarch mentions testers placing C4 on the gondolas to ferry explosives to the enemy. Control the gondola station building for a competitive advantage, and lock down the open, bowl-shaped dip at the centre of the map.

3. Hydro

Hydroelectric dam-set Hydro is a mostly symmetrical map based around a large, T-shaped corridor. The pathway cutting through the lower areas is regularly flooded, washing away careless players. It's a useful shortcut - just listen for the alarms that herald the incoming deluge.

4. Mirage

The Mirage map is set in a sandblasted luxury hotel, with dunes and drifts of sand creating lots of uneven terrain. Cars are semi-submerged, so less useful than usual for cover, but the swimming pool half-filled with sand is a particularly strong spot. The Domination objectives are laid out in a triangle, instead of the usual line.

Alongside the four new multiplayer maps, Black Ops 2's Revolution pack includes a new Zombies map, Die Rise, as well as a whole new Zombies mode, Turned, that lets players become the undead for the first time. Come on back for more on those, plus the bonus weapon also stashed away in Revolution: the Peacekeeper SMG.

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