Black Ops II Peacekeeper SMG Gameplay and Tips

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Revolution's bonus weapon

In addition to the four new maps, Black Ops II's Revolution DLC pack adds a new gun to the multiplayer arsenal for the first time: the Peacekeeper SMG. Watch it in action, with tips from the pros, in the video above.

The Peacekeeper is a hybrid weapon, says Treyarch, with SMG-like speed and assault rifle-like range. It's not the best of both worlds but it is a versatile gun for roguish jacks of all trades, doing its best work on the front lines. Rejected titles for the ironically named shooter include the Negotiator and the Diplomatic Resolution Dispenser, probably.

In our interview, Treyarch's Dan Bunting recommends equipping a sight attachment such as the reflex or ACOG sights for longer-range firefights. For faster, up-close action he suggests the laser sight or rapid fire add-on.

For more on Black Ops II's Revolution map pack, take a look at gameplay and tips for multiplayer maps Grind, Mirage, Downhill and Hydro.

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