Black Ops II's Turned Mode is Fast, Frantic

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

New Zombies mode

Black Ops II's first proper DLC pack includes Turned: a new four-player Zombies mode that lets players become one of the screeching undead for the first time.

The new mode is played on just the one map, as seen in the gameplay video above, set around the gloomy remains of the diner. It's faster and more frantic than any Zombies mode before it - and more than any of the ordinary multiplayer modes, either, due to the quick and deadly player-controlled ghouls.

All four players start out as humans, with the first to grab the cure given first go at being the lone human survivor. You become the human by killing the human, and you win by being the player to stay alive the longest as the hazmat-suited survivor, fending off the undead with a shotgun or, in a reverse version of gun game, with a series of decreasingly powerful weapons, starting off with a magnum.

See the video above for Turned mode gameplay, and check out the four multiplayer maps and new Peacekeeper SMG also included in the Black Ops II Revolution DLC.

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