Let's Play: Black Ops II Zombies - Die Rise

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Penthouse of the dead

Die Rise is the Zombies mode map added by Black Ops II's new Revolution DLC. In this gameplay video, you can see us shamble around the map's wrecked Chinese skyscraper scavenging parts, falling off ledges and killing the occasional flesh-eater.

If you were a level designer, you might say Die Rise has a lot of "verticality". If you were a careless player, you might say "I fell down a lift shaft, everybody". Either way, Die Rise is an enormous map with lots of twists and turns to break up your party. It's also a change of scenery fans of Zombies mode will appreciate, a world away from the retro-futuristic Americana of the on-disc Black Ops II Zombies.

You start out up high and can drop your way down the partially destroyed building floor by floor, hunting for parts to get a generator back online. Alternatively, you can take the desperately unsafe elevator all the way down and work your way back up.

Black Ops II's Revolution DLC also introduced Turned to the game's Zombies offering. It's the first mode that lets you play as a zombie and the fastest, most frantic way to play Black Ops II multiplayer, Zombies or otherwise.

For even more on Call of Duty: Black Ops II's Revolution DLC, see our gameplay videos and tips for the new multiplayer maps and the Peacekeeper SMG, Revolution's bonus weapon.

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