BioShock Infinite Trailer Has Vigors, Crows, Gore

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas


BioShock Infinite's latest trailer treats you to new gameplay from the city in the sky. Look out for the greenish Possession vigor, peddled like a love potion on the streets of Columbia.

Then there are new glimpses of Booker's skyhook, which doubles as a nasty knuckleduster, and the Bucking Bronco and Murder of Crows vigors. The former levitates enemies out of cover, the latter conjures a flock of death-dealing crows, making it the avian equivalent of the original BioShock's bee-summoning plasmid. Watch the feathered devils shred a Columbian goon in the video above.

It's a less cerebral ad for Irrational's upcoming game than the recent faux historical documentary on Columbia, but there's still plenty of the winsome Elizabeth looking like a Disney princess and the city-founding Prophet saying menacing things. The game's out worldwide on March 26.

For more on BioShock Infinite, here's BioShock creator Ken Levine telling us how the ending of Infinite will be "like nothing you've experienced" before, and Mike and I discussing the first few hours of the game, for which we're deeply excited.

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