Show of the Week: Dead Space 3

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

Cold dead hands

Let's be honest, Dead Space isn't the most inspiring name in the world. "It has dead things in it and it's set in space, so let's call it Dead Space", was probably how the two-minute brainstorm went. Still, the series has managed to hurdle that nominative impediment and become both well loved and financially successful. Dead Space 3 mixes up the formula far more than the second game did, adding campaign co-op and a rather severe cold front, so does it still feel like Dead Space?

Also covered in this week's SOTW are the very worst religions in videogames as compared to Unitology, the Marker-worshipping cult in Dead Space. We're all for freedom of religion in real life, but if you're part of a belief system that involves worshipping the Queen of the Spiders, as per The Elder Scrolls, we're going to have to politely tell you to knock it off.

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