Dead Space 3: The Many Deaths of Isaac Clarke

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

I'm sorry, Isaac

As much as I'm enjoying Dead Space 3, I'm also seeing plenty of the inevitable gory Isaac Clarke death scenes. I watch these with the same queasy, guilty fascination as with Lara Croft drowning in the mid 90s. Watch my (least) favourites in the video above.

There are the usual deaths by beheading, bisecting and dismemberment, which are just as nasty as ever. Freezing to death is a new one, thanks to Dead Space 3's Tau Volantis ice planet location - think Hoth, but not so toasty.

Here, Isaac's actual body temperature drops to 0°C well before he seizes up and keels over, which I figure is some kind of human endurance record. So at least you have that, Isaac.

New necromorph creatures mean further new and ghoulish death animations. Let it not be said Dead Space 3 doesn't do equal opportunity limb-ectomies; when Isaac Clarke ends up on the wrong end of a necromorph sword arm, he falls to gory pieces like the fleshy, Marker-made space zombies themselves.

The new human enemies from the militant ranks of Unitology also come apart just like necromorphs, with limbs popping off at the mere suggestion of a pulse rifle. And stamping, as ever, turns humans and necros alike into a heap of bloody chunks.

On that grisly note, I'm off to play more Dead Space 3. If you're picking up the game this week, don't forget to nab these Dead Space 3 achievements for some easy gamerscore.

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