Dead Space 3: There's Always Peng Achievement Guide

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Plus Under a Buck, Weedkiller

Get a head start on 1000G-ing Dead Space 3 with these video guides to the secret achievements Weedkiller and Under a Buck, along with a video guide to the location of Peng. You'll need to find the latter for Dead Space 3's There's Always Peng achievement, worth a chunky 50 gamerscore.

Dead Space 3 is out today for our friends in the US. For Eurogamers, the release date is Friday February 8.

1. There's Always Peng Achievement Guide

There are various schools of thought on the true meaning of Peng, but the likes of you and I need only know it's a lady statuette hidden somewhere in Dead Space 3, much like it was in Dead Spaces 1 and 2.

As you work your way through chapter 14, you'll come across an optional mission set in the Reaper Barracks. Follow your waypoint through this side mission and you'll come to a pump room with a lethally spiky pump.

Use stasis to run through the pump chamber without getting perforated. Then, turn around to spot the Peng trophy in the gap behind the spiked plate. With the combined powers of stasis to slow down the pump and TK to grab the trophy, Peng is all yours.

2. Weedkiller Achievement Guide

Also in chapter 14, you can pick up the secret achievement named Weedkiller for 30G. Just after you leave the Rosetta Lab, you'll come to the biology building. Behind the front door are five cysts - the gross necromorph landmines you might remember from Dead Space 2.

For the achievement, you must get past all five cysts without killing them, in order for them to still be alive when you fill the room with corrosive gas. To do that, you can hit each cyst with stasis, then grab its explosive pod as you walk past and fire it where it won't kill anything.

Once you're past all five, head down in the elevator, fiddle with the fuse box, then come back up and deploy the poison gas cloud. That's the Weedkiller achievement done, you're welcome, and try not to think about cysts.

3. Under a Buck Achievement Guide

Earlier in Dead Space 3, in chapter four, you'll pass through a big fan chamber and solve a twin-stick puzzle to get access to an elevator, as shown in the video above. The elevator will take you to the admiral's quarters.

As you arrive in the admiral's quarters, take a left, get a load of the deer's head hanging on the wall, then shoot the hell out of it for an easy 10G. Unlike everything else in Dead Space 3, it can't be stomped into a bloody paste for loot, but you will get 10 gamerscore for your trouble.

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