Paper Your Walls With Video Game Wallpapers

Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas

Paper Your Walls With Video Game Wallpapers

Paper view

Digital wallpaper repository has been turned loose on the internet by Eurogamer Network, kindly benefactor/owner of

The new site lays out big, wallpaper-quality screenshots and promotional images sorted by game, suitable for papering your desktop, mobile or tablet.

It draws on Eurogamer's existing image library, which is colossal. Imagine the Raiders of the Lost Ark warehouse, stacked floor to ceiling with high-resolution pictures of Minecraft (pictured), Skyrim and Mass Effect 3.

Figure 1.

In a neat secondary feature, it summarises each game as a colour palette.

With these swatches, we finally have the internet apparatus to compare the colour of Battlefield 3 (greeny grey-brown) to that of Gears of War 3 (browny grey-beige), for which see figure 1.

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