Skyrim vs. Knightmare - Trailer Mash-up

Published 5 years ago by Mike Channell

Fus Ro Daft

Like Skyrim? You'd have loved Knightmare, the bizarre cult kids TV show from the 80s and 90s. It plonked a hefty helmet on an unfortunate prepubescent and had three of their mates (always hailing from the same town) direct them through faintly rubbish blue-screened environments. It was brilliant and it wasn't until we began chopping together this trailer we realised just how many similarities there were between it and Skyrim.

Naturally, our international visitors aren't going to have a bloody clue what's going on, but that's fine. Most British children's television from that era was baffling anyway. For those who remember it, prepare to slip into nostalgic reverie. Now, Grand Theft Auto: Trumpton anyone?

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Mike is co-editor at Outside Xbox. His favourite thing about making videos is adding unnecessary special effects. He has heard all of your 'channel' jokes.

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