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Published 5 years ago by Jane Douglas


If you've played DmC, you should see it being cakewalked on Dante Must Die! difficulty by YouTuber XLHGladiator. If you haven't, you should still watch it - because we can all enjoy a virtuoso performance of DmC: Devil May Cry on its hardest setting. It's like a noisy, violent ballet.

Dante Must Die! is the fifth and hardest difficulty in the game if you exclude the punishing novelty settings Heaven or Hell and Hell or Hell, in which Dante dies from a single hit.

In the video above, you'll see mission four get an SSS shoeing. It's not a flawless run but well worth watching around the one-minute mark. See this guy herd together enemies, swoop on them with Rain Storm, then blast away with Fireworks, in which Dante whirls the shotgun like a set of double-barreled nunchuks.

And in the no-damage run of mission three above, look for Dante breaking the defences of the bastard demon ninja Dreamrunner with Kablooey, the sticky detonator weapon. There's also tricksy jump cancelling to beat the band, but not as much Demon Evading as you might expect - it's beneath this guy, presumably.

Hit up XLHGladiator's channel for more SSS runs (SSSSSSSSS, to be exact) on Dante Must Die! difficulty and watch out for the free Bloody Palace survival mode coming to DmC at the end of February.

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