7 Things GTA V Must Learn from GTA IV

Published 5 years ago by Andy Farrant

Auto know better

Rockstar recently announced they would be releasing Grand Theft Auto V in September 2013, a few months later than their initial "spring" release window, to allow for additional development time. They can use that time effectively by learning from GTA IV's mistakes.

GTA V is no doubt going to be a sprawling, ambitious game, but if Rockstar want to make it as good as they possibly can, there are definitely lessons they can learn from the series' previous outing, Grand Theft Auto IV.

Don't get us wrong, we loved GTA IV, but we've pinpointed seven things we don't want to see in GTA V, using GTA IV's shortcomings as an example. Watch on to find out what they are. If you guessed “annoying friend dates”, you might be in for a surprise! Or not, as it's number one in the list.

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