Show of the Week: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Published 5 years ago by Andy Farrant

It's a bughunt

Alright, sweethearts, listen up - it's time for an Aliens: Colonial Marines episode of Show of the Week. What are you waiting for, breakfast in bed? You are waiting for that? It was included in your room price? Let me see that. I don't... we're not even a... Ok, this all checks out. I'll be in the kitchen, I guess.

When you're done with breakfast, however, you should watch this week's show, featuring the lowdown on Gearbox's long-anticipated take on Xeno-hunting on LV-426, as well as some less intimidating aliens from videogames, your feedback, and Mike's attempts at amateur xenobiology. How do you want your eggs?

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Andy Farrant
Andy is co-editor at Outside Xbox, enjoys difficult moral decisions and fights like a cow. You might remember him from such defunct Xbox video channels as Inside Xbox.

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